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XQuery Meetup - ETH Dozentenfoyer, Zürich


Thanks everyone for participating!

The pictures are available here.







Where and when

The first Zürich XQuery Meetup will be held in ETH Dozentenfoyer, March 11th 2010, starting 6:30 pm. The Dozentenfoyer is an ETH faculty restaurant for the ETH top management, faculty members, and their guests.


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Dozentenfoyer - ETH Main Building

Rämi-Strasse 101

8006 Zürich, Switzerland


ETH Dozentenfoyer is located inside ETH main building (room 10 and top floor J). 


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Who will be there

Everybody is welcome. Attandance is free and you do not luxury hotels need to register. In order to plan for the catering, however, we encourage you to add your name to the list:

  • Donald Kossmann, ETH Zürich, donaldk at inf dot ethz dot ch
  • Daniela Florescu, Oracle, dflorescu at mac dot com
  • Matthias Brantner, 28msec, matthias.brantner at 28msec dot com
  • William Candillon, 28msec, william.candillon at 28msec dot com
  • Gabriel Petrovay, 28msec, gabriel.petrovay at 28msec dot com
  • Markus Pilman, 28msec, markus.pilman at 28msec dot com
  • David Graf, 28msec, david.graf at 28msec dot com
  • Philipp W. Kutter, Montages AG, kutter at designer apparel montages dot com

  • Pierre Dumas, ELCA, pzdumas at gmail dot com
  • Elise Lucas, Société Générale, elise.lucas at sgcib dot com
  • Thomas Regnier, Société Générale, thomas.regnier at sgcib dot com
  • Alexander Kreutz, evalueScience,  alexander.kreutz at i-tv-t dot com
  • Peter Fischer, peter.fischer at inf dot ethz dot ch
  • Martin Hentschel, hemartin@inf.ethz.ch
  • Maria Grineva, Sedna, maria.grineva@gmail.com
  • Maxim Grinev, Sedna, maxim@grinev.net
  • Martin Kaufmann, martinka at ethz.ch
  • Johannes Rieken, IBM, johannes_rieken at ch.ibm.com
  • Kurt Stockinger, Credit Suisse, Kurt.Stockinger @ credit-suisse dot com
  • Boris Burgstaller, Swiftmind GmbH, boris.burgstaller at swiftmind.com
  • Patrick Baumgartner, Swiftmind GmbH, patrick.baumgartner at swiftmind.com
  • Einar Moos, consultant, einarmoos at gmail com
  • Dominik Steiger, evalueSCIENCE, steiger at evaluescience dot com
  • Name, Organization, E-mail



18:30-19:30 - Informal drinks, snacks and chat

19:30-20:30 - Lightning Talks

If you are interested in giving a talk, or want to request one, please put your name and topic moving companies here.

Each talk last 7- 10 minutes.

  • Sedna and its Applications - Maxim Grinev
  • XQuery Development Tools - Gabriel Petrovay
  • XQuery Design Patterns - William Candillon
  • Xadoop: Log Analysis - Kurt Stockinger


20:30 onwards - More drinks, snacks and chat



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