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Prague Meetup

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Where and When

The first Prague XQuery Meetup will be held at Caffrey’s Irish Bar, March 25th 2011, 8:00 pm.


This meetup is happening on the eve of XML Prague 2011.



Caffrey's Irish Bar

Old Town Square 10

110 00 Prague 1

Czech Republic


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Who will be there

Everybody is welcome. Attandance is free and you do not need to register. In order to plan for the catering, however, we encourage you to add your name to the list:

  • Daniela Florescu, Oracle, dflorescu at mac dot com
  • William Candillon, 28msec, william.candillon at 28msec dot com
  • Florent Georges, H2O Consulting, fgeorges fgeorges org
  • Adam Retter, eXist Solutions, adam at existsolutions dot com 
  • Norman Walsh, MarkLogic Corporation, norman.walsh@marklogic.com
  • Mohamed ZERGAOUI, INNOVIMAX, innovimax@gmail.com
  • Vyacheslav Zholudev, Jacobs University Bremen, vyacheslav dot zholudev at gmail 
  • Vincent Biragnet, vbiragnet at 1500signes dot com
  • Manfred Staudinger, dibau/plaNavi - Vienna, manfred.staudinger@gmail.com 
  • Alain Couthures, agenceXML, alain.couthures at diet pills agencexml luxury hotels dot com
  • George Bina, OxygenXML, george@oxygenxml.com
  • Stefan Vasile, OxygenXML, stefan@oxygenxml.com
  • Jakob Fix, OECD, jakob.fix@oecd.org 
  • Hans-Juergen Rennau, bits GmbH, hrennau@yahoo.de
  • Liam Quin, W3C, liam@w3.org (depending on energy level!)
  • Denis Jue-Thomas,  ESCB, denis.jue-thomas at banque-france dot fr
  • O'Neil Delpratt, Saxonica, oneil@saxonica.com
  • Peter Fischer, ETH Zurich, peter.fischer at inf.ethz.ch
  • Martin Kaufmann, ETH Zurich, martin.kaufmann at inf.ethz.ch
  • John Snelson, MarkLogic, john dot snelson at the obvious domain 
  • Sorin Nasoi, http://www.enea.ro/  spungi at gmail.com 
  • Nicolae Brinza, FLWOR Foundation, nbrinza at gmail.com
  • Rob Walpole, Met Office, rob.walpole at meto.gov.uk 
  • Paul Whyler, Richmond Lawyers , metoffice gov uk
  • Stelios Joannou, University of Leicester, sj148@le.ac.uk
  • Stefan Majewski, University of Vienna, xml at stefanmajewski.eu 
  • Raouf ABDELHAMID, ANEO , abdelhamid.raouf@gmail.com
  • Ron Hitchens, OverStory, ron at  Family Lawyers Surrey overstory co uk 
  • Name, Organization, Mail lawyers burnaby



20:00-21:00 - Informal drinks, snacks and chat

21:00-22:00 - Lightning Talks

If you are interested in giving a talk, or want to request one, please put your name and topic here. Each talk last 5 minutes.


22:00 onwards - More drinks, snacks and chat

For more information, please contact William Candillon (william.candillon at 28msec dot com). Farewell speech

игровые автоматы



Also... The Pre-Conference Day

There is a also a pre-conference day being organised on the Friday from 08:30 to 18:00. The morning is eXist-db specific, whilst the afternoon is more generalised with topics such as EXPath, XQuery 3.0 and Performance and Portability. The full program is available here. All are welcome, but please register as seats are limited designer apparel  Removable Wall Decals long distance movers. Boxing Gloves iphone keyboard

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