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Silicon Valley Meetup

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Thanks for a great meetup!




XQuery Applications - William Candillon - Slides - Demo - click here


XQuery and the Cloud - Till Westmann - Slides


Improving XQuery's RESTfulness - Erik Wilde


Formotus - Adriana Neagu


Document generation with XQuery and XForms - Alessandro Vernet - Slides


XQuery Development Tools (XQDT) - Gabriel Petrovay

Where and When

The first Silicon Valley XQuery Meetup will be held at Rosewood Sand Hill HotelBoxing Glove Menlo Park, April 26th 2011, 6:00 pm.




Rosewood Sand Hill

2825 Sand Hill Rd., Menlo Park, CA 94025


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Who will be there

Everybody is welcome. Attandance is free and you do not need to register. In order to plan for the catering, however, we encourage you to add your name to the list:

  • Daniela Florescu, Oracle, dflorescu at mac dot com
  • William Candillon, 28msec, william.candillon at 28msec dot com
  • Cezar Andrei, Oracle, cezar dash pbworks @t cezarandrei dotcom
  • Chris Hillery, Oracle, chillery dash pbworks at lambda dot nu
  • Paul J. Lucas, 28msec, {first}@{last}mail.org 
  • Till Westmann, 28msec, till.westmann at 28msec dot com
  • Gabriel Petrovay, ETH Zurich, gabriel.petrovay at inf dot ethz dot ch
  • David Graf, 28msec, david.graf at 28msec dot com
  • Dennis Knochenwefel, 28msec, dennis.knochenwefel at 28msec dot com
  • Matthias Brantner, 28msec, matthias.brantner at 28msec dot com
  • Markos Zaharioudakis, Oracle, markos_za at yahoo dot com
  • Markus Pilman, 28msec, markus.pilman at 28msec dot com 
  • Daniel Turcanu, ENEA Romania, daniel.turcanu at enea dot com
  • Sorin Nasoi, ENEA Romania, spungi at gmail dot com  
  • Nicolae Brinza, FLWOR Foundation, nbrinza at gmail dot com
  • Juan Zacarias, Oracle, juan.zacarias at oracle dot com 
  • Rodolfo Ochoa, Oracle, rodolfo dot ochoa at gmail dot com 
  • Tony Santangelo, Cisco, tony.santangelo at periphron dot net 
  • Ruth Stryker, Trainer, ruth at ruthstryker dot com 
  • Tim Kraska, UC Berkeley, first dot last at googler mail
  • Luis Rodriguez, Oracle, luis.g.rodriguez at oracle dot com
  • Eric Sedlar, Oracle, eric.sedlar at oracle
  • Erik Wilde, School of Information, UC Berkeley, dret at berkeley dot edu
  • Tamosevicius Rokas, first_lastname at gmx dot ch
  • Karin Moellering, first dot last at googler mail
  • Daniel Engovatov, Efficient Frontier, lastname at gmail
  • Roger Bamford Lawyers Richmond
  • Gabriel Paun, gabriel at gabrielpaun dot com
  • Alex Kotopoulis, alex dot kotopoulis at oracle 
  • Dmitry Lychagin, first dot last at oracle dot com
  • Erik Bruchez, ebruchez at orbeon dot com
  • Alessandro Vernet, avernet at orbeon dot com 
  • Siva Narayanan, EMC Greenplum, tarball At gmail



6pm -7pm - Informal drinks, snacks and chat

7pm - 8pm - Lightning Talks

If you are interested in giving a talk, or want to request one, please put your name and topic here. Each talk last 5 minutes.

  • "Improving XQuery's RESTfulness", Erik Wilde
  • "XQuery Applications", William Candillon
  • "A real-world app: document generation with XQuery and XForms" , Alessandro Vernet
  • "Formotus" , Adriana Neagu
  • "XQDT", Gabriel Petrovay  Family Lawyers Surrey


9pm onwards - More drinks, snacks and chat

For more information, please contact William Candillon (william.candillon at 28msec dot com). cure for yeast infection  best cases for ipad burnaby lawyers


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