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The aim of this very new meetup group is to promote knowledge sharing and best practice amongst XQuery developers and business professionals around the world by organizing local meetups.

Meet XQuery users, developers and recruiters near you! Come to an XQuery meetup to exchange ideas and talk about code, architecture, innovation, and open source in general. Anyone interested in XQuery-related technologies is welcome!

Looking to Organize an XQuery Meetup?

Are you excited about exchanging ideas with the XQuery community in your local area?

We are looking for motivated people to organize meetups all around the globe. The best way to start is to create a wiki page for that event with the following template:

You can start a wikipage with the data and exact location yet to be annouced. Putting the idea of a meetup in your area is likely to raise attention and might help you to find an hosting place for instance.

Zoe Slattery (IBM) is sharing her experience of organizing unconferences on her blog. It can be a great inspiration for you as a meetup organizer.



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What to expect at an XQuery Meetup?

XQuery Meetups are a great way to socialize with XQuery developers in your area (Beer is involved too).

If you are looking to participate to an XQuery Meetup, you should pre-register on the wiki. There's a signup page for each local event. Please put your name and any organization you represent on the form, to give coordinators an idea as to how many people are coming.

On the wiki page, you can suggest a talk for the event and/or topics of discussion. 


XQuery on the Web

On the page, you can find a list of resources about XQuery: XQuery on the Web



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